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Business Briefing

From tech talk to marketing tips and accountancy advice, here you'll find all you need to know to keep your floral business blooming.


The Future Flower Lab gives tips for selling to millennials


The Flower Lab is a futuristic new concept storming through Europe's flower and floristry events. It's a travelling exhibition that explores the way flowers are sold to millennials, the younger buying group, demonstrating design, business and marketing tactics for today's florists to appeal to Generation Y: ages 20 to 35.

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Thirteen PR & Marketing Tips for Florists


You spoke, we're listening! Our surveys and social media feedback tell us you're always on the look-out for marketing advice, so to kick-off a 2016 full of features we hope will really make your business bloom, we scoped the web for expert tips on PR-ing your small florist business. If you've any to add, leave them in the comments at the end of the page!

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Ready for Valentine's 2016? Listen to Last Year!


It's probably safe to say that at Valentine's, florists have the upper hand. Waitrose et al might try to nestle in with their £40 'Dozen Scented Roses Gift Box' but Feb 14th is the day when everyone and his dog is expected (or hoped!) to go the extra mile, and so often that means taking a sharp turn at the supermarket entrance. So we took a look at what you – our florist readers – told us* following last year's second biggest peak so you can prepare for what we hope will be another runaway romance in 2016.

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Romancing the Rose… tips from the trade


While mixed hand tieds or simple wraps of tulips are gaining in popularity at Valentine's, fact is the red rose is THE flower. But which red rose to buy? Are Freedom still numero uno or are there other varieties you should be looking out for? We asked a group of wholesalers and importers for their input on what to order and what tips they had to make ordering as hassle free as possible.

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8 Considerations for Choosing the Right Courier for your Business

We're in the 21st Century, companies like Bloom & Wild are offering two- hour deliveries, many successful florists are searching to expand and offer their wares to customers afar, plus with the relay debate still rife and couriering a plausible alternative it's high time we took a closer look at how to pick the right courier for your flower business. It's a topic we'll be delving into further, but for now have a read of these tips written by Kate Lester, CEO of Diamond Logistics, as she discusses what you should consider.

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