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Business Briefing

From tech talk to marketing tips and accountancy advice, here you'll find all you need to know to keep your floral business blooming.




Twitter is a service that allows people to 'follow' individuals or businesses they are interested in to share information. Businesses and individuals use Twitter to send short messages to their followers.

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Beat the Bugs!


A virus on your computer can make your computer unusable and cost you money to have the virus removed. Viruses are transmitted via websites, email attachments and directly over the internet. They can be avoided by installing antivirus software on your computer and keep it up to date!

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Employers: How to avoid holiday headaches


With summer holiday season in full swing it’s important to make sure you give your staff a break from the blooms whilst keeping the business running smoothly.

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Wedding Favours from the Florist


Bridal bouquet? Check. Buttonholes? Check. Table arrangements? Check. A souvenir for each and every guest (a reminder of both the special day and your brand)?! Here's an inspired idea from international luxury brand Only Roses...

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Women in Retail: Expert Tips for Sucess


Female bosses share tips for success in the run up to the Retail Ambassador programme.

The UK’s leading female retailers are lending their support to encourage women and girls to see the career potential offered by the retail industry.

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