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Business Briefing

From tech talk to marketing tips and accountancy advice, here you'll find all you need to know to keep your floral business blooming.


Focus, Focus, Focus

Focus-Group-2How well do you know your customers? Are you providing them with the service and the products they want – or could you do better?  One good way to find out is to copy what many big retail companies do and run some focus groups.

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The A-Z of retail psychology Part I


Being a successful retailer is more than just serving a customer - there are many ways you can make the customer think in the way you want them to by using retail psychology. In this feature we show you some of the top tricks everyone can use. 

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Capitalise on the Future

opportunity-smallCheck out our 10 suggestions for how to make the best out of your business in the future.

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Brexit: FLORINT De-budding the real threats of Brexit

Referendums are always a very difficult political choice to make as a politician, and even more so when it’s about Europe. Europe has already seen a lot of referendums in the past, and many have not gone the way it is hoped for. All we need to do is look at the referendums in France, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Denmark over the last 15 years. Yet, one common point was that these countries were not voting to leave Europe, because Europe made sense. They voted for a different Europe, staying on board to discuss a more evolved Europe.

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