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Saleable ideas and out-of-this-world inspiration, floristry images and updates from around the world.


Don’t Be Perfectly Boring


The 'Perfectly Lovely Bouquet' is a product among one of the big supermarket's spring floral offering. Perfectly lovely? Surely a special gift should be more than just perfectly lovely.

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Fragrant Houseplants get Macramé Treatment for March


It's a sweetly scented choice for the Houseplant of the Month this March, and one that's set to go down seriously well with your customers as white fragrant plants take centre stage. That means Gardenia, Stephanotis and Jasmine (swoon!) are all being marketed as this season's in thing, and who could argue otherwise?

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Opiflor are Sorry... it's Spring! 15 Ideas for the Season


Opiflor, that cool sundries company who send sweets with every order, would like to say sorry to all their customers. Their 2016 spring catalogue got lost in the post, and it's a real shame because it was overflowing with sweet, fun, and unusual ideas to make this spring the prettiest one yet. BUT, it's still easy peasy to head on over to and download the online version, and we're happy to share our pick of this season's products right here.

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Industrial DIY Narcissi


flower council logoNarcissus are the perfect way to welcome spring and add a pop of colour to the shop or studio (and sales) in the deep, dark depths of February, which is why the Flower Council have chosen it as the Houseplant of the Month. They're pushing Narcissi sales up and down the country and have offered-up their trend tips, reckoning the little yellow bloomers look cool in these industrial-style basket designs this season.

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Bulb Flowers Bring Happiness!

Our friends at iBulb promote bulb blooms all over the world, in cut and pot form. They've just released an idea as to why we're all so crazy about flowers, and with it they've provided some bright and seasonal bulb design ideas, remember spring isn't actually that far away!

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