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Saleable ideas and out-of-this-world inspiration, floristry images and updates from around the world.


Alternative Valentine's Tips from Opiflor

Valentine's is often described as the worst of all peaks by many florists – cue Freedoms, thorns and get those plasters at the ready! So super cool sundries company Opiflor have offered a selection of ideas in the hope that you might feel inspired to sell something other than a red rose hand-tied this year.

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Bags of Ideas from Country Baskets

Lead-shot-CB-BagsBags are one of the easiest and cost effective ways to create festive magic.  Available in every size, material and colour you can imagine, they are the perfect way to transport hand tieds or use as a low cost container in their own right for foam based designs.  Tracy Rowbottom, who ran her own hugely sucessful florist shop for over 20 years and who now looks after Gold Card members and heads up the creative department at Country Baskets, gives you six ideas that make bags of commercial sense!

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Say Goodbye to Boring Buttonholes


Bored of making tons of rose buttonholes, over and over and over again? Whilst wedding floristry has evolved with designers becoming ever more creative, producing abstract pedestals and exquisite bridal bouquets, we're often still seeing the same old buttonholes replicated from wedding to wedding and no different to those sported at our grandparents' nuptials.

Corsage Creations are on a mission to change the poor, neglected buttonhole's dull perception. Chuck out the gyp and stem tape, and instead pick up a catalogue where you'll find boutonnières brilliant for both making life easier (no more winding and wiring) and for getting extra creative (hello, cold glue!), so that the next generation of brides and grooms can be at the forefront of the buttonhole revival.

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Christmas Know How from OASIS® Floral Products

Fast selling Christmas arrangements just got a whole lot easier with the launch of four new design ideas, courtesy of the floristry team at OASIS® Floral Products. And with clear step-by-step instructions not only are they easy to make but, having been designed by commercial florists, have max profit in mind as well.

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A New Perspective on Callas, Simply Design File #4 by London's Phillo Flowers


Simply Calla's Design Files star outstanding florists, each given a different brief to work with Calla in unique and unusual ways, and this issue saw the turn of the UK's very own Phillo Flowers. Here's a taster of what's inside.

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