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Find out how other florists make it work!

Knuts Flowers: Fleuramour florist in focus


Wout Knuts; a brilliant name for a florist and one who creates some beautiful work to boot. No stranger to Fleuramour, this week's annual flower festival, Wout who owns and runs Knuts Flowers in Belgium last year created floral décor for a horse statue here at Alden Biesen castle, and has this year stepped up the mark with a large installation inside the castle itself.

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Mercedes Docter & Sia Rutjes: Fleuramour florists in focus

Alden Biesen’s castle grounds have been decked out with flowers designed by some of the best floral artists in the world, we spoke to one designer from Dutch horticultural and florist magazine, Groei & Bloei.

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Lessons in Yorkshire's Leafy Couture: Florist Interview


Sarah Richardson is a Yorkshire-based florist whose passion for flowers is so infectious that her school and mentoring service has earned her praise from wedding planners and florists alike, and with students from as far away as New Zealand plus a book in the pipeline we thought we'd find out a little more about life at Leafy Couture.

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Growing in Glasgow

Where are they now?

Shaheen Khan, owner of Floral Haven, Glasgow. 

She’s working harder and smarter, putting in longer hours and keeping tighter control of her buying – and that’s why Shaheen believes her business is still thriving whilst others in the area have fallen by the wayside.

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