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Tracy Rowbottom had her own shop for over 20 years, has competed in all the major floristry competitions and admits flowers are in her blood.  Now she works as Creative Development Manager for leading sundries supplier Country Baskets where she uses all her own floristry experience to make sure their Gold Card members get the very best service and all the latest products.  

Now she's launched her own column to bring you help and ideas she's learned from the world of floristry and wholesale to help your business grow. 


Tracy Talks … on men, saucy knickers and buying tight


In all the years of running my shop (20 and counting!) I always found Valentine's Day to be the most profitable. Yes Sunday will make it trickier and there are some things to watch out (I'll talk about that later) but the key reason it makes money is that this is a man buying day and unlike Mother's Day – when the prime customer is women who have a pretty good idea on what they want to spend – men usually don't have a firm price point and are easier to up sell to; sorry chaps!!

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7 day countdown to making Christmas Special

TT-lead-shopIt’s not too late to make Christmas sales special – mainly because flowers and plants are the last thing people buy so it’s always a last minute scamper!  That said they need to know you’re going to have some seriously gorgeous things to buy so here are some of my top tips to help you make the most of Christmas 2015.

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Getting staff through peaks


We're in the final countdown to Christmas and although you've undoubtedly held team meetings and sorted out the roster there are still things you need to be doing to make sure you and your staff get through the peak happily and profitably. Drawing on her 20 years of being a florist and running her own shop, Tracy Rowbottom of Country Baskets gives you some final pointers.

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